Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny! What distracts you?

via Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

As i read the photo challenge prompt, i thought about what usually distracted me from work.

I have to be honest when i say whenever i am at work or painting  or writing ,its hard for me to be distracted.

However, lately i have been craving for distractions, not from work ,but from the continuous flow of thoughts that  occurs from overthinking.

So when i want to distract myself from the incessant chatter in my mind,i know that the one sight that works like a charm is the vast open sky.

I feel a sense of calm take over as i watch the sky and the wind tosses my hair in whichever direction it pleases.

I particularly love watching the sun set; because each sunset is different and magnificent in its own way as well as for the reassuring calming affect it has on me.

Sunset ,Crystal river-Florida
Sunset- Marina Beach-Chennai
Daytona beach -Clear skies
Dusk- Ocala-Florida
Mid day-Hyderabad



Photo Challenge: Elemental

via Photo Challenge: Elemental

It was the first week of June.

The  southwest monsoons had set in, everyone was talking about the rains, the news channels, family from different parts of the countries.

However, Chennai remained the same. I knew that monsoon in Chennai was usually during October  to November, yet a small part of me kept glancing at the skies for the slightest sign of rainfall.

I finished work very early that day and walked home in the sweltering heat, the afternoon sun shone on me mercilessly my colorful umbrella provided little comfort as I trudged on steadily.

I reached home and watched astonished as the skies darkened and cold winds tossed everything in their path to a side.



I ran up to my terrace and reached just in time to catch the first droplets that made their way to meet the scorched cement.


It all happened at once, as I looked up I caught sight of five white pelicans flying towards me and watched in awe as they flew so close by with the dark skies as their backdrop.

I had the best time ever dancing in the rain and watching the different reactions it evoked around me.In the distance I saw a woman hurrying to get the clothes off the washing line,  children from the nearby school chased each other in the rain,  the puppies next door barked in confusion and the coconut trees swayed gently with their arms outstretched to the skies.