New York City- Thanksgiving

It’s been a long time since My last post.

Wait , before you accuse me of being lazy I have a valid excuse. I was moving to a different continent and it was so sudden and there was so much to do , so many hurried goodbyes to say. And I arrived in the US of A ,sleep deprived and teary eyed as I left my dear husband behind not sure when I would see him again.

I did not have enough time to be jet lagged as I started working since the day I arrived.Most of my free time was spent looking at apartments that were too tiny and so very expensive and had so many conditions attached to them. By the time I rented an apartment it almost felt like the landlord was doing me an immense favor by renting it out to me .

The rest of my time was spent trying to find my way around the big Apple and figuring out the subway. I am not exaggerating when I say that swiping the metro card is an art by itself and I am proud to say that I have managed to perfect it.

My job demanded constant interaction with people the entire day , most from poor backgrounds and unstable family situations, needless to say I used to be at the receiving end of their personal frustrations on some days.

Two months have flown by and I have managed to not run back to my homeland and my family that is so familiar and seemed like a wonderland in hindsight .

I was swapping stories with my college friend the other day and she said in an admiring tone , you are really managing so well man . It felt good to hear that from her but as I thought about it , it wasn’t all me. I wasn’t in on this alone. I had so much help throughout, and as I thought back to each small incident I felt immensely grateful to all the people who have stood by me and are the prime reason that I braved these “ battles “ thrown my way each day.

I would like to thank all these individuals who helped me out in more ways than one . My father who so selflessly decided in a heartbeat that he would accompany me just for moral support and to keep my spirits high.

My dear aunts, uncles and cousins who kept calling me recommending the essentials I would need and he best places to find them.The countless strangers who helped me find my way around the city , certain people who I didn’t know existed till I was put in touch with them and these individuals were kind hearted enough to go out of their way to help me in whatever way they could.

As I stand here waiting for my train I have an amazing view of a vividly colored tree swaying gently from side to side as the last rays of sunlight illuminate it , a feeling of accomplishment fills me and I smile to myself as the sun sets in front of me.


Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny! What distracts you?

via Photo Challenge: Ooh, Shiny!

As i read the photo challenge prompt, i thought about what usually distracted me from work.

I have to be honest when i say whenever i am at work or painting  or writing ,its hard for me to be distracted.

However, lately i have been craving for distractions, not from work ,but from the continuous flow of thoughts that  occurs from overthinking.

So when i want to distract myself from the incessant chatter in my mind,i know that the one sight that works like a charm is the vast open sky.

I feel a sense of calm take over as i watch the sky and the wind tosses my hair in whichever direction it pleases.

I particularly love watching the sun set; because each sunset is different and magnificent in its own way as well as for the reassuring calming affect it has on me.

Sunset ,Crystal river-Florida
Sunset- Marina Beach-Chennai
Daytona beach -Clear skies
Dusk- Ocala-Florida
Mid day-Hyderabad


Photo Challenge: Elemental

via Photo Challenge: Elemental

It was the first week of June.

The  southwest monsoons had set in, everyone was talking about the rains, the news channels, family from different parts of the countries.

However, Chennai remained the same. I knew that monsoon in Chennai was usually during October  to November, yet a small part of me kept glancing at the skies for the slightest sign of rainfall.

I finished work very early that day and walked home in the sweltering heat, the afternoon sun shone on me mercilessly my colorful umbrella provided little comfort as I trudged on steadily.

I reached home and watched astonished as the skies darkened and cold winds tossed everything in their path to a side.



I ran up to my terrace and reached just in time to catch the first droplets that made their way to meet the scorched cement.


It all happened at once, as I looked up I caught sight of five white pelicans flying towards me and watched in awe as they flew so close by with the dark skies as their backdrop.

I had the best time ever dancing in the rain and watching the different reactions it evoked around me.In the distance I saw a woman hurrying to get the clothes off the washing line,  children from the nearby school chased each other in the rain,  the puppies next door barked in confusion and the coconut trees swayed gently with their arms outstretched to the skies.


Hyderabad an old world charm

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The city of Hyderabad is famous for irani chai, Charminar, spicy biriyani and pearls.

I love this quaint city with its old world charm and slow paced lifestyle which makes visitors feel at home.  So when I was given the task of showing K around ,I decided to take him to these places that I felt captured the essence of this city so well.

1. Charminar :

All tourism posters of Hyderabad show this lovely monument located in the old city. Interestingly it was erected as a token of gratitude to the gods after the plague affecting the city had come to an end in 1591.

Surrounded by bazaars and thronged by people on almost all days I thought K deserved to see this place when it was quieter in the wee hours of the morning. So the two of us woke up early and admired the Charminar as It stood  like a sentinel watching the residents stir awake as the sun rose. Visitors are allowed in between : 9am -5:30 pm and can climb up to 1 floor to be able to Get a panoramic view of the surrounding marketplace, the mecca masjid a few feet away and the hustle bustle below.


2. Govind bhai’s dosa:

Come Sunday my friends and I would head out for  breakfast to Govind bhai’s food stall.  It was located in ghanzi bazaar opposite Agra sweets just around the corner to Charminar. Since K and I were already in the area and were famished we went over and we patted ourselves on the back for the good decision. His tawa idlis and butter dosas were to die for. The stall opens at 6:30 am and closes at 1 pm. He has an outlet in Banjara hills as well on  road no 14.  Off late other dosa places around Hyderabad have started emulating his style of cooking, however I personally felt that his dosas are unparalleled.

3. Laad bazaar:

A trip to Charminar and Hyderabad is considered incomplete if you don’t venture into Laad bazaar. The bazaar stretches across..  And K surprisingly insisted that he wanted to go shopping in Laad bazaar . The sheer variety of wares being sold there took me by surprise.  Semi precious stones, dress materials, sarees, bangles, bindis, jewellery, kolhapuri chappals, decorations, dry fruits, pearls and all kind of food. The best way of exploring the bazaar is ofcourse on foot so you can take a look at all the stores, just make sure you strike a good bargain.

4. Birla mandir :

This temple of marble has been built by the birlas and is located on hill fort road.  The best time to visit is early morning  to catch the sunrise or just before The sun sets.  The main shrine is dedicated to lord venkateshwara and goddess padmavati,however there are shrines for the Buddha, lakshmi,ganesha,shakti ,shiva.


5.Bhongiri fort :

Tribhuvanagiri as it was originally called, was built in the 11th century by the chalukhyan ruler Tribhuvanamalla vikramaditya the sixth.  The fort is built on  a monolith rock which was recently discovered to be a batholith(which is a large igneous rock formed beneath the surface of the earth due to the intrusion and cooling of magma). Apart from being steeped in history this monument also offers adventure lovers an opportunity to try activities such as rock climbing and rapelling thanks to the rock climbing school located at the base.


6.Tank bund :

Hussain sagar or tank bund as its locally referred to, is a huge man made lake in the center of the city.  There is a statue of the Buddha in the middle of tank bund and government boats  ferry visitors  across to the statue. The Buddha statue is said to be the largest monolith in Asia.   There are 33 bronze statues of famous people who have played instrumental roles in their respective fields on the tank bund road. In the evenings the entire road around tank bund is lit up in lights and appears like a necklace, lending it the name necklace road.



7.Taramati baradari:

Located near Golconda fort this place  was built especially for Taramati who was the favorite courtesan of Abdullah qutub shah. The hall has been designed in such a way that her voice could be heard clearly while she sang all the way to Golconda fort Located 2 km away. The pavilion has 12 doorways that allowed for cross ventilation and also kept the hall cool during the summers. Present day it has been converted into an auditorium.


8.Salarjung museum:

Located on the southern bank of the Musi river,this is a lovely museum to visit especially on a hot day when you would rather be indoors. The  salar jung museum is believed to be the largest one man collection to be known and had many notable artifacts from all over the world. My all time favorites are the veiled Rebecca, the double statue of Mephistopheles and Margareta and the cuckoo clock at the center. The museum is the perfect place to spend hours marveling at the elegance and the creativity of the human mind and is sure to take the fancy of  many a dreamer.

Source :wikipedia


Have you been to Hyderabad? I would love to hear about which place you hold close to your heart,do write in.

Flashback-Araku valley

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As we traveled by the train from Vishakapatnam to Araku,our excitement knew no bounds.


The long train weaved in and out of the many tunnels along the route and we screamed for fun whenever we passed through the pitch dark tunnels.

Araku valley was considered to be an offbeat place in those days and not many people used to visit it.  So there weren’t many options  available when it came to accommodations. During a time when home-stays were not heard off ,a kind acquaintance of ours invited us to stay with them for the entire duration of the trip.

We rented bicycles and rode around the valley exploring the nearby villages. The valley was covered in mist and small stalls serving hot tea and snacks opened up early in the morning.  Most of the day was spent leisurely strolling around, playing with the fluffiest most chubby puppies we had set our young eyes on or cycling casually  in the valley. We were lucky enough to witness the celebrations of the tribal people who lived there performing their famous dhimsa dance; they  also sprinkled water that was presumably mixed with plant dyes as we passed by and asked for coins in exchange.

Dhimsa dance. source: wikipedia

There is a special museum showcasing the lifestyle of the tribes that live there, their artwork, cooking utensils, their head-gear etc.  The museum is spread over two levels and is quite unique as it has been constructed with mud and clay.

Our host had children who were our age which worked out great for us since we had playmates throughout our stay at Araku. The next day our host took us as well as our playmates to chaparai waterfalls,  it wasn’t exactly a waterfall in context of height;  it was more of a stream cascading over smooth rocks. We were lucky to be the only ones there and we spent the entire day frolicking in the water and had a small picnic on the banks of the river.

I hear its overcrowded these days and could use some cleaning up, thanks to all the litter left behind on the banks by inconsiderate tourists.

Araku valley is perfect for just relaxing and enjoying the simple things in life. Located just 115 km away from Vishakhapatnam, it can be reached by bus,  train and the newly introduced vistadome coaches which are glass roof coaches that provide a panoramic view while traveling to Araku.

araku 1
source: wikipedia

Borra caves are also a must see while visiting either Araku or Vizag as they’re one of the largest cave systems in India.Home to irregularly shaped stalactites and stalagmites it was discovered in 1807 by William King. The caves are open from 10 am -5 pm with lunch break from 1pm -2pm.


Araku valley is definitely one of my favorite places that i have been to as a child and i am curious to see how it has changed as time has passed; Has it been exploited by the uncountable hotels and resorts that seem to be springing up like mushrooms or have they managed to preserve the integrity of this place that was once only frequented by the zany traveler, who visited and quietly went by without disturbing the balance of this place.

Lost and found

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I was all of 8 or was it 9?

I don’t remember exactly . We were  on our way to Araku valley this was way before it became a tourist spot filled with hotels.

My mother’s friend’s friend had been kind enough to open their doors to us for those few days.

There was a single train running from vishakapatnam to araku valley. As my parents carried the luggage I broke free from them and raced ahead trying to be the first one on the platform. I was out of breath by the time  I reached the platform and turned back with a huge grin to look at my parents.

My smile faded as I realized I couldn’t see my parents or sister anywhere.  I tried to retrace my steps and studied the sea of faces, trying to single out my parents.

A woman approached me ,she was shabbily dressed  with a child clinging to her resting his head on her shoulder, “Are you lost? “ she asked . I dint reply since I remebered all those lessons in school warning us about interacting with strangers.

I observed her apprehensively, she had a tattered make shift sling bag with an old toothbrush, a comb and a small packet of biscuits in it.

Tell me where are you headed?  I told her where we were going and she said she was traveling  in the same train.  She caught my hand and we went to wards the stairs leading to another platform.

Just then I heard a loud voice calling out my name,  I turned in the direction  of the voice and saw my anxious father standing atop the stairs with a a relieved expression. I waved to the lady and ran  towards my father, we hurried back to my mother who was already weeping imagining the worst.

Needless to say all’s well that ends well.  We reached Araku valley and had a splendid time there.
This post is in response to the Daily post prompt toothbrush.

Staying fit on the road

I walked into the doctors office and went through the customary weight and  BP check up.

The nurse loudly announced my weight and height for everyone to hear, not really caring that I was cringing in embarrassment especially when she mentioned the weight .

I racked my brains thinking of how I had put on ten kilos in such a short time.

I realized that with all the travelling and work I never really made time to exercise and of course with the plethora of snacks that seem to be so readily available these days ,it was getting harder for me to say no to the delicious yet unhealthy food .

I promised myself that i would chalk out a plan and stick to it to not only lose weight but also become stronger and healthier by altering my lifestyle in the following ways.walk
1. Walk. Walk and walk some more:

As far as possible, K and I try to use the local transport and walk as much as possible when we travel.  For starters it helps that our average step count per day when we do this is easily a whopping 18,000.  Another thing it does is it helps you experience the place better and truly take in the essence of the place you are traveling to when you walk around and who knows what hidden treasures you may find on foot which would have been most likely missed when you sped past in a car or a two wheeler.

2. Eat local :

We are big believers in eating local wherever we go. Of course sometimes vegetarian options are a little hard to come by.  As much as possible we try to eat the local delicacies and the food that is specific to that region because I have observed that the food in the mountains vary from the food in the plains and the coastal regions since the people there cook according to the climate and their particular nutrition needs. I have noticed that I tend to be healthier when eating local produce and local food which inadvertently makes it a more fulfilling travel experience.

3. Stay hydrated :

I drink like a camel on normal days. So it becomes particularly tough when i can’t guzzle water as usual thanks to the unavailability of clean restrooms while on the move. This time when I was on the road I Soaked a spoon of sabja seeds (sweet basil) and drank the water and the seeds. It Was enough to keep me hydrated and is also known as a natural coolant of the body.


4. To snack or not to snack!

One thing all  of us who travel will agree on is that as soon as you sit in a train or car or whatever vehicle you get hungry like crazy. Especially the urge to open that bag of chips or to dig into those piping hot samosas.

This time I was  prepared when the samosa vendor walked by,  I had brought my own bag of healthy goodies like Cashews,Almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds, roasted peanuts and Fruits.  These snacks are healthy as well as full of fiber and ensure that you feel fuller for a longer period of time.


5.Slipping in a workout

I often try to do a short workout depending on our sightseeing plan for the day. Let’s  say we have a lot of trekking or outdoor activities planned for that day I just do whole body stretching exercises ,or if its just going to be something less outdoorsy before starting out i do some whole body free exercises. It helps to have a specific sequence of exercises already planned out along with the hold time and the number of sets/repetitions.


5. Apps:

There are some must have apps available for android as well as ios that help plan specific workouts depending upon the results you want to achieve. I personally love sworkit and musclematics. There are some apps that help you log the food you eat to help you better understand where you could be slipping up, my favorite is my fitness pal since it  also helps you log in and calculate traditional Indian food as well which I eat on a daily basis. Activity trackers are a great way to be motivated to stay in shape since you can literally take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

6. Travel friendly equipment :

I know the word equipment conjures up images of heavy machinery. Relax!  I’m not asking you to lug around stuff when you,re trying to have a good time.  I’m talking therabands and resistance tubes which are a great way to tone up your upper limb muscles and core as well. They’re easy to carry around since they occupy very little space and are very light.  It Pays to work those arms too since the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn.

7. Make exercise fun:

Try to include as many outdoor fun activities while travelling so you can mix fitness with pleasure. Most of the hotels have swimming pools ,gyms and some form of outdoor sports, so work up a sweat while enjoying yourself. If you are a long term traveler look around for a dance , zumba or a martial arts class.

So try out these 7 simple ideas and let me know if you have some tips that i could add to this list.