Staying fit on the road

I walked into the doctors office and went through the customary weight and  BP check up.

The nurse loudly announced my weight and height for everyone to hear, not really caring that I was cringing in embarrassment especially when she mentioned the weight .

I racked my brains thinking of how I had put on ten kilos in such a short time.

I realized that with all the travelling and work I never really made time to exercise and of course with the plethora of snacks that seem to be so readily available these days ,it was getting harder for me to say no to the delicious yet unhealthy food .

I promised myself that i would chalk out a plan and stick to it to not only lose weight but also become stronger and healthier by altering my lifestyle in the following ways.walk
1. Walk. Walk and walk some more:

As far as possible, K and I try to use the local transport and walk as much as possible when we travel.  For starters it helps that our average step count per day when we do this is easily a whopping 18,000.  Another thing it does is it helps you experience the place better and truly take in the essence of the place you are traveling to when you walk around and who knows what hidden treasures you may find on foot which would have been most likely missed when you sped past in a car or a two wheeler.

2. Eat local :

We are big believers in eating local wherever we go. Of course sometimes vegetarian options are a little hard to come by.  As much as possible we try to eat the local delicacies and the food that is specific to that region because I have observed that the food in the mountains vary from the food in the plains and the coastal regions since the people there cook according to the climate and their particular nutrition needs. I have noticed that I tend to be healthier when eating local produce and local food which inadvertently makes it a more fulfilling travel experience.

3. Stay hydrated :

I drink like a camel on normal days. So it becomes particularly tough when i can’t guzzle water as usual thanks to the unavailability of clean restrooms while on the move. This time when I was on the road I Soaked a spoon of sabja seeds (sweet basil) and drank the water and the seeds. It Was enough to keep me hydrated and is also known as a natural coolant of the body.


4. To snack or not to snack!

One thing all  of us who travel will agree on is that as soon as you sit in a train or car or whatever vehicle you get hungry like crazy. Especially the urge to open that bag of chips or to dig into those piping hot samosas.

This time I was  prepared when the samosa vendor walked by,  I had brought my own bag of healthy goodies like Cashews,Almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds, roasted peanuts and Fruits.  These snacks are healthy as well as full of fiber and ensure that you feel fuller for a longer period of time.


5.Slipping in a workout

I often try to do a short workout depending on our sightseeing plan for the day. Let’s  say we have a lot of trekking or outdoor activities planned for that day I just do whole body stretching exercises ,or if its just going to be something less outdoorsy before starting out i do some whole body free exercises. It helps to have a specific sequence of exercises already planned out along with the hold time and the number of sets/repetitions.


5. Apps:

There are some must have apps available for android as well as ios that help plan specific workouts depending upon the results you want to achieve. I personally love sworkit and musclematics. There are some apps that help you log the food you eat to help you better understand where you could be slipping up, my favorite is my fitness pal since it  also helps you log in and calculate traditional Indian food as well which I eat on a daily basis. Activity trackers are a great way to be motivated to stay in shape since you can literally take it with you anywhere and everywhere.

6. Travel friendly equipment :

I know the word equipment conjures up images of heavy machinery. Relax!  I’m not asking you to lug around stuff when you,re trying to have a good time.  I’m talking therabands and resistance tubes which are a great way to tone up your upper limb muscles and core as well. They’re easy to carry around since they occupy very little space and are very light.  It Pays to work those arms too since the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn.

7. Make exercise fun:

Try to include as many outdoor fun activities while travelling so you can mix fitness with pleasure. Most of the hotels have swimming pools ,gyms and some form of outdoor sports, so work up a sweat while enjoying yourself. If you are a long term traveler look around for a dance , zumba or a martial arts class.

So try out these 7 simple ideas and let me know if you have some tips that i could add to this list.


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  1. Radhika says:

    Very apt and good.


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